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5. Feel It!

All technical considerations aside, the ability to play "in the pocket" really originates from learning how exactly to play through the viewpoint of "feeling" the music.

Prevent the normal tendency to "over think" what you yourself are doing and just lose yourself into the "feel" associated with the track - and you will be surprised at how quickly you will find your self "in the pocket".

In Conclusion

Remember it isn't just the duty for the bass and drummer player to get the "pocket". We, as guitarists, have actually an responsibility in order to make our contribution also.

Remember that there is a difference that is subtle bands that play "in the pocket" and bands that do not. But quite often, it is that line that is fine separates good bands from great ones!

When you perform in a Country/Variety Band, you often have a sizable demographic of individuals to attempt to make, and keep, pleased for the night. Which could suggest between 4 and 6 hours of back to back songs that may keep consitently the patrons into the club and purchasing beverages.

I wish to emphasize that it's not a idea that is good play 4-6 hours of tracks that all have the same 3 chord hook in identical general tempo and rhythm. It is extremely crucial to shake things up, as an example, play something like a waltz that is slow then something peppy just like a two-step or a shuffle.
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